When you think of Estonian cuisine – surely nothing special comes to your mind. Actually, there’s a bunch of weird and delicious things out there yet to be discovered.

KamaKama Food Tasting Tour helps you to get familiar with the best local foods, which also happen to be extremely delicious. From smoked meat to homemade bread to sweet (kama) desserts, everyone can find something they enjoy!

How are our tours different from others?

  • There is no walking around, all of the fun takes place KamaKama food studio. More time for more foods!
  • No high markup of restaurants, so the tour is more affordable
  • The selection of food is from local producers, no middleman inbetween
  • You can try things not available in supermarkets
  • We have certified home cooks making special dishes for your enjoyment
  • You can add beer tasting to the Food, all in the same place
  • We have special selection for Kids