When you think of Estonian cuisine if you think of it at all, for sure nothing special comes to your mind. There’s an undiscovered bunch of weird and delicious things out there to be discovered.

KamaKama Food Tasting  helps you to get familiar with the best local foods, which also happen to be extremely delicious. From smoked meat to homemade bread to sweet (kama) desserts, everyone can find something they enjoy!

Tasting takes place in KamaKama Studio, located in Tallinn old town Vene street 33. Food tasting takes about 1-1,5 hrs and includes 8-10 different Estonian delicates. Enough food to fill you up!

You can add Estonian Food Tastings to your regular bike tour. Bike tours are starting at 09:30 (from cruise port only), 11:00 and 15:00 from Tallinn old town, Vene street 33.

Starting times: 11:30am ,13:30pm and 16:30pm. (only pre-booked!)
Time: 1,5 hours
Price: 39 EUR

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