Booking a tour with us can be little bit confusing at start, because we have many tours and combos listed in our systems.

There are two main options:

  1. make a bike tour and  food tasting.
  2. make only bike tour.
  3. Make only food tasting.

Kama Kama  studio is hosting only food and beer tastings. Bike tours are arranged by City Bike Tallinn bike rent and tour company. We work together so it’s possible to book through both companies.

All the food tastings starts after the bike tours. If you are coming with a group and all people are not interested for cycling, its possible to meet up after the bike tour and still be together at the food tasting!

Beer tastings starts after the last food tasting and its possible to make a combo with Kalamaja bike tour, food tasting and also add beer tasting to these tours. (total time:4 hours).

For us it’s really important that you book direct! But its also possible to book through bookeo system:

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