KAMA KAMA  is a small and cozy place for food tastings in Tallinn old town. We work next to City Bike  rent&tours office in old town. Upstairs we have a small studio specializes to food and beer tastings for tourists.

Our mission is to give you a good overview and knowledge about local tastes. Cycling is not mandatory and if you are more interested about food and beer then feel free to  book yourself only to these tastings. Bike tours are usually before the tastings and its possible to add them through us.

Estonian cuisine is very rich and interesting, we have been conquered by different countries through the history and it is left us bits of other cultures here. So if you come to Estonia then you can find many dishes served really similarly like in Germany, Russia, Finland or  in the Baltics. Of course this doesn’t mean that we don’t have our specialities.  There are rumours that even marzipan was discovered  here in Tallinn old town during the middle ages! If you coming from far away and  visit northern-europe and scandinavia for first time, you can find  some of our food a bit odd! Yes we like salted herring on a black rye bread with some butter and sour cream, but if its garnished in a right way, it is delicious!