Our idea of beer tasting is  to introduce  beer culture and different type & tastes. It can happen that you will get a bit tipsy but it’s part of the experience. Our tastings are nothing similar to beer crawls!

Like all around the world, Estonia is going together with craft beer scene. We have over 100 different craft beers and a lot of producers.  Our team has “tested” most of them and found the best ones for you. Our beer tasting is not a tour, we stay in our KamaKama food studio and everything takes place in there. If you are interested about history of beer and tasting different types, this tour is for you!

Beer tasting is a perfect solution after a bike tour or a rental! Just book to to the tour and enjoy local taste!

Includes: rich choice of local beers, snacks and tasting with a live guide! Beer tasting is around 1-1,5 hours, its also possible to purchase some beers after the tour.  Also we know some good bars around and we can lead you there!

Time: 1-1,5 hours (only pre-booked!)
Price: 25 EUR
Minimum 2 people! (During off-season pre-booking is reccommended)

Book now: info@kamakama.tours

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