Our idea of beer tasting is  to introduce  beer culture and different type & tastes. It can happen that you will get a bit tipsy but it’s part of the experience. Our tastings are not beer crawls!



In Estonia beer has been really important drink through the times. Like everywhere else in Europe, during the middle ages beer was more popular than water! Today different cultures are mixed together and the meaning of beer is changing every day. Breweries are taking it to new level! Until mid 00’s Estonian people only drank lager type beers, craft beers and different type of brewers came here later and we are still in baby steps. But we have already around 100 different craft beers and they taste really good. Estonian brewery named Põhjala is already approved world wide!


During our beer tastings we only don’t drink, but also eat some local snacks. Because we all know how to take 10 pints and sleep under the table, then our mission is to have a good time and show you how to mix local Estonian made beers with some local food. All these local beers are of course different types, we drink lagers, pale ale, IPA, märzen, porter types beers.
Beer tasting is about 1-1.5 hours and takes place in KamaKama studio what is located in Tallinn old town.



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